Menu Ideas

On these pages, you will find menu plans that I have used for various occasions.

The recipes are linked where applicable.


This page was updated on October 20, 2009

Cape Cod Cuisine

Casual Dinner

Dinner on the Deck

Elegant Dinner

Fall Guest Dinner

Fathers Day Dinner

Lenore's October Birthday Dinner

Milestone Birthday Dinner


Reward Dinner

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl - 2006

Valentine's Day

2006 Valentines Day


2004 Easter Brunch

2005 Easter Brunch

2006 Easter Brunch

2007 Easter Brunch

2008 Easter Brunch

Easter Dinner

Mothers Day

Mothers Day Dinner

2005 Mothers Day Dinner

2006 Mothers Day Brunch

Memorial Day

2006 Memorial Day Dinner

2007 Memorial Day Dinner

Forth of July

4th of July - 2006


Thanksgiving Dinner

2004 Thanksgiving Dinner

2005 Thanksgiving Dinner

2006 Thanksgiving Dinner

2007 Thanksgiving Dinner

2008 Thanksgiving Dinner


Adventures In Wine company dinner

2006 Dinner

2007 Dinner

2008 Dinner

Christmas Eve Dinner

Intimate Christmas Eve Dinner

2004 Christmas Eve Dinner

2005 Christmas Eve Dinner

2006 Christmas Eve Dinner

2007 Christmas Eve Dinner

2008 Christmas Eve Dinner was snowed out

Christmas Day Brunch

2004 Christmas Brunch

2005 Christmas Brunch

2006 Christmas Brunch

2007 Christmas Brunch

2008 Christmas Brunch

2009 Christmas Brunch

Christmas Dinner

2004 Christmas Dinner

2005 Christmas Dinner

2006 Christmas Dinner

2007 Christmas Dinner

2008 Christmas Dinner was snowed out

Christmas Dinner

New Years Eve

New Years Eve

New Years Eve - 2003

New Years Eve - 2004

New Years Eve - 2005

New Years Eve - 2006

New Years Eve - 2007